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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may endanger the safety of an aircraft, passengers or cargo on board.

Some dangerous goods MUST NOT travel as either checked baggage or carry-on baggage on Alliance Airlines services.

These include:
  • Butane Cartridges and refills/Gas Bottles
  • Fireworks, Flares and Gunpowder
  • Fuel, petrol, and oil-based paint
  • Firelighters
  • Gas cannister exceeding 28g/50ml
  • Insect sprays and other poisons
  • Paint stripper
  • Party Poppers/ Sparklers
  • Pepper spray/Mace
  • Self-balancing boards/wheels
  • Spare lithium batteries exceeding 160 Wh
  • Spare Lead Acid batteries exceeding 100 Wh

In the event you need items of this nature to travel, please identify a cargo or freight forwarder can assist in ensuring your items reach their destination safely.

Dangerous goods are not always easy to identify when preparing your checked baggage and carry-on baggage for travel by air. An indication an item could be considered a dangerous good may be a red and black image displayed on the packaging or the item, like those below:

GHS Category 5 symbols

If in doubt, there are several places you can check:

For guidance purposes only, this list contains some common items and a description of what Dangerous Goods they may contain:

Items Dangerous goods they may contain
Artist Supplies Oil based paints, paint thinners.
Athletic Equipment CO2 cartridges, ammunition, batteries.
Automotive/Car Parts Flammable liquid (fuel), Airbag modules, batteries.
Baggage/ Smart Bags Lithium batteries, power banks.
Battery Powered Equipment Non-spillable batteries, unprotected batteries, batteries exceeding 160Wh or containing more than 2g of lithium metal.
Camping Equipment Flammable liquid (fuel), flammable gas cartridges or cylinders, fire starters, flares, batteries, matches, hexamine.
Diving Equipment High intensity globes, compressed oxygen cylinders, shark repellent, batteries.
Electrical Equipment Magnetized material, mercury in switches.
Household Items Flammable products, corrosive products like oven/drain cleaner, fly spray, chlorine, lighters, lighter refills, CO2 cartridges (Soda Stream cannisters), weed killer, paint, fertilizer, pesticides
Medical Supplies Flammable liquids (formaldehyde, ethanol) containing specimens/samples, thermometers, dry ice.
Mercury Instruments Barometers, thermometers, monometers, switches.
Party Supplies Sparklers, party poppers, fireworks.
Petrol Powered Equipment Chainsaws, leaf blowers, whipper snippers/strimmers, generators, outboard engines.
Perishable Produce Dry ice.
Photographic Supplies Ammonium hydroxide, batteries, cadmium bromide, potassium ferricyanide.
Repair Kits Adhesives, organic peroxides, solvents, flammable liquids, polymer-based paint, resin catalyst.
Toiletries Aerosols containing insect repellant, peroxide/hydrogen peroxide, bleach/ammonia (hair dye).
Toolboxes Explosive materials (power nails or rivets), batteries, compressed gases or aerosols (butane gas cartridges), adhesives, corrosives, paint.
* This is guidance only and is not an exhaustive list

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