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Prohibited Items

Aviation Transport Security Legislation prohibits the carriage of certain items on board an aircraft whether it is a screened air service or not. Regardless of whether or not passengers are subject to an aviation screening process the carriage of these items is prohibited by law and doing so is a breach of the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005. Any items that fall into the follow categories must be taken out of your cabin luggage and placed into your checked luggage or left behind. Penalties apply to persons not complying with Aviation Transport Security Legislation. 

Is it a prohibited item? 

  • Is it a blunt object that could be used to bludgeon or threaten someone? 
  • Is it a sharp object that could be used with or without modification to cause bodily harm by penetration? 
  • Is it a flammable household good? 
  • Is it an object that could be used to restrain someone? 

For any queries or concerns with regards to the above information contact Alliance Network Operations for approval on


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