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Check In

Check In

For all Alliance Airlines flights check in closes strictly 30 minutes prior to the flight departure time.
Please ensure you produce photo identification, such as a driver’s licence, an employee identification card or a valid passport at check in. Infants aged 0 – 2 years of age do not require photographic identification. Children 3 years and older must produce identification such as a birth certificate, passport, student identification or Medicare card. Passengers who cannot provide sufficient identification may be denied boarding.

Check In Locations

To find our check in locations, please visit our Flight Arrivals & Departures page.

Baggage Information

Cabin Baggage
Each passenger is entitled to carry on board one piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 23 cm width x 34 cm height x 48 cm length; and not exceeding a total weight of 5kg (Fokker 50) and 7kg (Fokker 70/100).

Please be advised that each aircraft is different and is restricted to carry certain weights on some routes. Alliance Airlines personnel reserve the right to direct baggage to be stowed in the aircraft hold.

Checked Baggage – RPT Schedule Services
Each passenger occupying a paid seat travelling on Alliance Airlines domestic or international services is entitled to the following free baggage allowance, unless otherwise stated: 

 Fokker 100 Economy Class  20kg 
 Fokker 70 Economy Class  20kg 
 Fokker 50 Economy Class  20kg 

In addition to the above requirements, any item of baggage must not exceed the total linear dimensions (width plus height plus length) of 158cm. Please be advised that some ports impose reduced weight limits based upon local OHS policies. Any item of baggage exceeding the size or weight limit will not be accepted at passenger check in. 

Checked Baggage Charter Aircraft
All checked baggage allowances on Alliance Airlines private charter flights are determined in consultation with the charter client. Passengers traveling on an Alliance charter should contact the company organising the private charter for more information. 

Checked Baggage – Fly in, Fly out
All checked baggage allowances on Alliance Airlines FIFO flights are determined in consultation with the client. Passengers traveling on an Alliance FIFO flight should contact the travel administrator, supervisor or manager for more information. 

Excess Baggage
Excess baggage is carried subject to space availability and may not be carried on the same service as the passenger. Baggage fees are charged for each additional piece, per one-way flight. The rate is $35 per additional piece, up to 20kg, subject to space availability.
Excess baggage is only carried to the airport specified on the Alliance Airlines baggage tag. The passenger is responsible for collection of excess baggage and/or any other related delivery expenses where the excess baggage has not travelled on the same service as the passenger. 

Valuable Items
Alliance Airlines will not be liable for loss, damage to or delay in the delivery of delicate, brittle, fragile or perishable items, money, jewellery, precious metals, securities, passports, title deeds, artefacts, manuscripts, electrical equipment or other valuables which are included in your checked baggage whether with or without our knowledge.
Valuable items should be carried on your person or in your cabin baggage and under passenger care. If the aforementioned items are checked in as baggage, the passenger agrees that those items shall be at their own risk and shall indemnify and hold Alliance Airlines harmless for any loss in respect thereof. 

Approved passenger comfort item guidelines

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