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Travel Clearance

Medical Clearance

Airline travel has some unique features which must be considered by passengers with medical conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable flight. The aircraft cabin is a closed environment where access to advanced medical care is not possible for the duration of the flight.
Any person who is of unstable health, recent or current injury or illness and/or infectious disease is required to obtain a medical clearance prior to travelling, or whose medical condition may impair their independence in the event of a non-normal situation while on board or whose condition may affect another passenger.

A medical clearance helps Alliance Airlines ensure passenger comfort, health and safety and helps identify the requirements of any specialised equipment or assistance that may be necessary.

Alliance Airlines passengers including children and infants wishing to travel following medical treatments and or discharge from hospital or requiring ongoing medical treatment will be required to submit a Medical Clearance to Fly form completed by their treating doctor at least 24 hours prior to departure. In the absence of receipt of this form, Alliance Airlines will not be able to clear the passenger for travel on their booked flight. 

Pregnant Passengers 

Alliance Airlines recommends that all women who are pregnant discuss their travel plans with their doctor prior to travelling. Alliance Airlines and its agents cannot provide advice as to whether it is safe to fly whilst pregnant. 

The following policy is a minimum standard when travelling on an Alliance Airlines aircraft. 

1. A Medical Certificate from a registered doctor or registered midwife dated no more than 10 days prior to travel, is required for the following: 

  • Single pregnancy – beyond the 36th week of pregnancy 
  • Multiple pregnancy – beyond the 28th week of pregnancy 
  • Complicated or high risk pregnancy – at any stage of the pregnancy 

The certificate must state: 

  • Estimated date of delivery 
  • Whether it is a single or multiple delivery 
  • That there are no complications with the pregnancy 
  • That they are fit for travel 

2. For any passengers requiring special assistance to travel during these times the medical certificate should be accompanied by a Medical Clearance Travel Form and submitted to Alliance Airlines at the time of the booking. 

Alliance Airlines – Medical Clearance Form

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